TORII - our custom codec built from the ground up using A.I. and machine learning for blazing fast and ultra efficient delivery of any 4K, VR and AR content.

TORII is at the heart of our initiatives in the VR and AR ecosystem and powers our custom streaming platform, our live streaming interface and our growing interactive platform.

LENS has developed TORII internally, our proprietary video encoding technology, provides high resolution video streaming at double the speed and a quarter of the cost of industry leaders.

With TORII enabled in the cloud, media such as 4k video, apps, VR / AR content and games can now be streamed directly, with no download necessary.

Currently, 80% of all internet traffic is video. By 2021, it will have reached 90%

TORII greatly accelerates the streaming of all data from the cloud to users, Allowing access, anywhere, anytime.

Say goodbye to buffering...