This one of a kind compression tool has been accomplished by a dedicated team of engineers that are passionate about making the future of streaming a reality.


Yan Chen

Founder and CEO, CTO – LENS Immersive

A graduate of UC Berkeley in Neurology and Computer Science, Yan Chen is an 18 year VFX and Tec-wiz Hollywood veteran, having VFX and CG supervised block buster hits such as Treasure Planet, Matrix Reloaded, The Scorpion King, Shark Tale, Astro Boy, Happy Feet 2, and many more.

His tenure in Hollywood has included roles in major studios such as Disney, Sony, Dreamworks, and more. He has also acted as CTO and Director of Technology within successful film production and film distribution startups in the USA, Canada, HK, and Australia. Within these startups, Yan has built pipelines and platforms that have resulted in billions of dollars of revenue and hundreds of millions of video views.

Currently, acting as the chairman and CEO of the LENS Group of companies outside of China and the CTO of LENS China, Yan is applying his technical prowess and experience in building the foundational technology for the next generation of media distribution and consumption, starting with VR/AR/MR.

Travis Rice

Founder and CCO – LENS Immersive

Travis Rice has more than twenty years of experience working with artists and future technology in museums, galleries and the hi-tech sector.

Growing from his time with international institutions such as Apple, Biennale of Sydney, First Night Austin, and Blizzard Entertainment he has brought this combination of skills to the forefront by founding the LENS Group.

Travis has brought together art and technology in successful international exhibitions and venues all over the world, with work which has been viewed by millions of people in over two dozen countries.

As the Chief Content Officer, Curator and Director of the LENS Group Travis brings ties to content producers and technology companies all over the world, from verticals such as fine and performing arts, foreign film, main stream media and pop culture.

Stephen Lin

Algorithm Engineer – LENS Immersive

With a strong history in both the medical and banking industry, Stephen has used his skills as a software engineer to help the medical company Corin analyse and improve the range of motion in artificial hip joints as well as test automation on HSBC’s online banking platform.

Stephen’s skills in analysing and pattern recognition has been incredibly beneficial to LENS’ ever-growing projects.

Sunny Lai

Algorithm Engineer – LENS Immersive

After gaining a Master’s Degree in philosophy, Sunny changed direction and became a certified professional in the Australian Computer Society.

He was a software manager for Optima, working on creating the world’s first double-sided AOI system to ensure fast and accurate inspections of electronic circuit boards.

Sunny excelled in algorithm design and this, along with his incredible attention to detail made him a perfect fit for LENS.